Saturday, October 24, 2009

What is the legal age to purchase petrol? Can a person under age pay for petrol?

we are fed up with parents sending under 16s into pay for fuel we tell them it is illegal are we right
I thought the legal age was 16 that they can buy petrol. Yep def have to be 16.

Petrol %26 Petroleum Spirits

You have to be 16 years old to buy petrol or petroleum spirits.

Did you know?

Petrol is an explosive substance.

Petrol vapour has acute and chronic effects if inhaled.
You have to be eighteen to buy petrol.
There is no age to buy it.
I don't think that it's illegal to pay for the fuel, just illegal to operate the pump (but I could be wrong).
Its illegal for anyone under the age of 16 to operate the pumps or purchase petrol.
The gas station that I go to has a label posted right by the pump that says only licensed drivers are allowed to pump gas. I don't think there is a law about how old you have to be to pay for it though. If I send my kids in, they are usually allowed to buy something for themselves, so maybe if you look at it as extra revenue, that will make you feel better about it. If the child cannot count or whatever is causing these issues, can you use the speaker at the pump to ask the parent to come in? That might make the parent more aware of the difficulties that a cashier has dealing with someone too young to make purchases. Good Luck!
Are you in the U.S.? I've never heard of this law. Children pay for gasoline all the time.
Drivers have to be 16 to drive. The gas station may refuse service.

They can use a can , then there is no lower or upper age limit. Lawnmowers fill up on gas for example and kids as young as 10 or so can cut grass. 80 yr old can drive a car and fill up gas. Frankly, they are more dangerous than the kids.
I don't think it's illegal to buy it...but I think it's illegal to dispense it.
at 16 you can ride a motor cycle so who buys the fuel


  1. The minimum age in the UK to dispense or pay for any oil based fuel is 16, if it is found out that someone has authorised/sold fuel to someone under that age the penalty is an unlimited cost and/or 2 years in prison.

  2. but if they are only handing over money not using the pump or driving the car is it stilll illegal?



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